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Tenant Improvements

aluminum wiring replacement

From simple improvements to new full scale tenant build-outs, BPE Electrical Construction, LLC can complete your commercial projects on time and on......(read more)

LED Lighting

electrical inspection

Impressive long-life technology makes LED lighting systems a long-term investment. While lasting significantly longer than fluorescent products and up to 50 times longer than.......(read more)

Lighting Analysis

home generators

Lighting analysis is a process in which analytical modeling software determines the behavior of your commercial lighting system. This can also include artificial......(read more)

Facility Upgrades

electrical wiring

BPE Electrical Construction, LLC offers customized facility upgrade solutions for commercial spaces. Through our dedicated team of commercial experts, we can provide efficient and......(read more)

Design Lighting

electrical repairs

All of the BPE Electrical Construction, LLC products are custom and built to order.  Every project, every time.  Our team collaborates closely with professional designers, architects and.......(read more)

Design Build

lighting installation

BPE Electrical Construction, LLC will work closely with you to determine the scope of your design build project, construction methods and the target......(read more)


lighting installation

BPE Electrical Construction, LLC provides commercial electrical remodels and renovations in Renton and throughout the Washington. Our licensed electricians are qualified to......(read more)

Recessed Lighting

lighting installation

Recessed lighting is a great source to illuminate a room with a minimalistic approach that avoids clutter. Recessed lights are great options in situations with low ceilings as they.......(read more)

New Construction

lighting installation

If you're a business that's in the process of building new, you'll need to invest in a quality electrician for new construction services. Part of the mandatory electrical process........(read more)


lighting installation

The renovation, retrofit and refurbishment of your existing structure represents a perfect opportunity to upgrade the energy performance of your commercial building assets for their ongoing.......(read more)


.....and many, many more commercial electrical services.

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